Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We are not what we are!

People are not same., I can understand. I tease others, and even make fun of others. And the others too tease me either. They never made me feel anything bad about them at all.

But what if they always do something which hurts me so immensely. Some times they say for what they do, ‘If just one person changes himself, the whole world cannot be changed’ or some times they say, ‘What can I do am habituated!’
For me these words always sound as excuses and never as reasons, mostly alarming excuses when I think about future of all of us and more.
How? & Why?

I came across people spit on the road... Dumping ‘polythene carry bags’ in to the earth stopping the water to go in... There are always people who think whatever around them are waste bins no matter where they physically exist for that moment... violating laws, rules and regulations as if they are created to violate, torturing living beings rite from the big elephants to the very petite insects.Even human beings are not exceptional from their targets...

We may say ‘It is the fit to survive’ style. But what kind of style we need to contain?
Are we doing really what our environment can afford after a certain time?
Are we doing something to make the next generation – our children, understand the reality, how they can be good citizens or more than that - good human beings.
Don’t we have the responsibility to make them like?

Is it not the time to think or re-think about their future at least?

Imagine a world that has no natural resources!..
Wherever we look will be dried and only dried!!
As we all know what we destroy can never be easily created. When we look at outside us, we know that it’s the only wide huge wonder-filled beautiful world carrying us.
Let us start stopping these else it may become a mirage…, always!