Saturday, October 20, 2007

Love, Live : Society

Long Time No Key.
I did, at first, want to have an excuse from myself, for this ‘no entry’ in the blog but have decided to key in rather than getting an excuse.
I am a regular reader of ‘O’ Pakkangal, ‘Arinthum Ariyamalum’ (both by Mr.Gnani -pron. ‘ngyani’) and ‘Konjam amutham konjam visham’ (by Jakki Vasudev) in the weekly magazine Ananda vikatan. A couple of weeks back, coincidentally, the articles talked about the rare natural system of human being with neither of sexes or may be both. We have terms like 'transgender' or ‘eunuch’ to refer, but the text showed, little more in to reality, from the time of conception in the womb - to birth - to growing up in the society. I came to know and realize more on the way the physical and mental development, understanding of self and the society, understanding by the society etc.,

I have seen many such people, in bazaars, trains etc., with a typical style of asking for money. Never had it moved deeply in my mind, neither terrified. But, believe it, I did have sympathy at times when people around me made fun on them or comparing someone look-alike with such people in some negative context. Even in many movies, for comedy track, the so-called ‘creators’ take these people, as a chance to project the 'creators creativity' in movies (eg., a popular tamil movie song ‘kodona kozhi koovura velae… raasathi rasan vaarandi pulla…)

What kind of feel do we have on them, when they are part of ourselves?
Why do we separately categorize them and secluding them from the big mass?
What would have made the big mass to have a move towards something where they are now?

I am absolutely helpless on finding answers for all above but I can understand the fact that the categorized are not to be like, but to be understood as ourselves, as what Mr.Gnani has written, that every person has both the sexes in him/her. As medically proved, the natural process need to worry about only deciding between XX or XY and to increase testosterone or progesterone, as Gnani writes, but sometimes when the worry is not sorted out before the stipulated period ends, the result will not have any one specific sex.

What I read is very fact which is clearly and comfortably forgotten by us or probably do not want to get exposed to such facts, instead, we do spend time in searching terms like ‘Ali’ or ‘Ombothu’ to make fun on them and continue doing so many possible things against them. Struggling in such a big society, very few people, positively achieved peaks in their life (for which the society let them to get so) like the Madhya Pradeshi MLA Shabnam Mausi.

The most hurting thing about the way they are treated, according to me, is making them to spend the life very unnaturally by having few of them in our society as SEX WORKERS. I expect ourselves, to recognize them – to treat them – to make them part of ourselves in each and every activity we have, in all legal, natural and possible ways.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Edifacilitators ?!!

It sounds really vivacious, the moment when somebody spells out teachers’ day even if not to everybody around the world but hope at least for the teachers. Being one such, I am really privileged to say at this moment that I am eligible to enjoy the term and its nature.

Thanks to India’s second princeps Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, today the country celebrates his birthday as teachers’ day. Good humane decision, in his perspective, that he fortunately wanted his disciples to celebrate his birthday as a sign of respect to the edifiers. Of course, the days vary from country to country but thanks to UNESCO, to declare a common day (05/10) for the people around the world to celebrate the same. Unfortunately this same big wonderful universe is in a position to witness people like Ms.Debara Lefave and Ms.Uma Khurana who make the profession really disgraceful.

At my workplace, the day’s morning gave us a pleasant surprise with a rose by our institute's head, followed by showers of wishes both from colleagues and the children and ended with the celebration organized by the children. I was part of the couple of hour long celebration, when the students wanted the teachers to participate in the events organized by them. Some instances; Hangman, Spoon & Lemon race etc. Winners were sweetly awarded with Cadbury products. Perhaps I was little lazy at the moment which made me to miss the delicious prizes. Undoubtedly, the students didn’t want to end up without their songs and dance performances.
I, hmm!., we really enjoyed.

On experiencing these, when I look back my life a bit, the time when I was making fun of our teachers, Mr. DCP to Mr. Qader to Mr. Khan I've never thought of swimming into this pool of facilitation. But it happened comfortably and the experience is feeding me with the pros and cons of this profession.

At this juncture, I remember an old saying
“Always you are a student, because each person you meet, teaches you something”


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home(town) ‘sweet’ Home(town)

After a very long time, it was decided by my own self, why not do it! No big thing but just to sit and go digital - all family photo prints with some, perhaps, as old as six decades. Indeed, it happened. I brought those from tirunelveli to chennai when I went there during June.

On the process, when I was looking at those, almost a complete flashback of my life, is what I experienced, nevertheless will sound absolutely strange to everyone else.

From the photo with an year old girl baby, my mother, to the engineering student with his classmates, my father. With them are my brother, grandparents, and many-a-relatives in different ages, different costumes and with even more differents, all from sepia to grayscale to RGB.

The ‘chunnambu kaarai suvar’ in our sweet home, The mustang and the sony televisions, the murphy radio, Our thottam with few trees and where we had done our all ‘SPVG club activities’ from play rehearsals to sports meet (Sankaralingam – an ex-neighbour, Ponniah – a cousin, Vennimalai - myself, Ganapathy – brother), Our (myself and annan) recordings in national panasonic with all stainless steel vessels as instruments, My scheduled 19.30 visit for a continuous three years to ‘thiruppani vinayakar koil’, The patients to my homoeopathy doctor thatha, Annual Kandhaari amman koil kodai, Annual Aanitherottam, Our neighbors from maharasi achi to chemba. Markazhi month early morning ‘kalar kolams’ , The sweet pongal karumbu, The sweet halwa, The sweet tamiravaruni water and CitySchool, St. Johns, MDT, SAC & Kautilya …and a lot more.

The list goes on and of course the nostalgia can never be fit even in N blogspaces if you give.

It was in the year 2000 during which I had to move off from my town nellai / tirunelveli all just because I had grown up and had finished my post graduation by then, in turn, the all transparent myself yelled in me about what next.

Yes, moved to the capital city of tamil nadu and my fortune helped me in getting a place to stay with some good hearts, later who were ‘knighted’ CASTLEGUYS. Its half-life time period as per IPC,- seven years, things have changed in me. Now, the hair in my head is countable. The way I look at myself and people around me is much more in detail than what and how I was in all my teen and early twenties.

All these very massively summarized, are just another set of examples for the fact that it is nothing but the time, which is giving, teaching and preceding us always. More than that, beyond the time, is the ultimate power, labeled ‘God’ for the believers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

At 60

60? Let it be 20, 40, 54 or any number < 60, but what is the difference between say 5 and 50 or 10 and 60? Though my experiences not making me eligible to talk about this, but my citizenship steer me to think a little BIT about at least whatever I am aware.

Nuke deal issue, Goa controversy, Fight at MCD, Orissa dead infant bodies……..
Sania in finals, Saina in next round, India won test series, Indian heavyweight WWF champion…..

It is Aug 15 2007 and it is the 61st Independence Day and the country celebrates 60 years of Indian Independence. Whatever numeral has been read, it is the people who need to enjoy the independence! Of course no doubt on that!
But what do we people understand from this so called INDEPENDENCE?
Its really frustrating that every year, every day, every minute some or other media is popularizing this shameful and unconscious (?!) behaviours of our superzens (superb citizens!!) among the general public mass and still its yet to be considered, understood and implemented by the 1 billion plus superzens!
Doesn’t this sound pathetic?

Should one more Sepoy mutiny need to be started, to teach our own superzens?
Should one more Karamchand Gandhi need to be created to take a march for Dandi against our superzens’ behaviours?
Should more and more Sardar Patels, Subhash Chandra Boses, Bharathys and others need to be formed again to go for a complete freedom struggle?
Still answers need to Searched and Researched…?!!

On the other hand – “Patriotism - for sale”.
As we can see the number of TV Channels, Radio networks and newspapers what we have, with no doubt, are deep into the patriotic business. From Burman to Rahman, the business has streamlined into music as well.
End result? I do agree that people who look at the television channels and listen to songs are provoked and started loving (?!) the country. But what is the lifetime of that ‘love’ and how healthy it is. It is very obvious that making a group of popular musicians including legends like Hariprasad Chaurasia and SPBalasubramanian to play and sing the National anthem at different locations, plus shooting and editing the video and adding it on to a private t.v. network cost much and more! How will they get it back?-Sponsors for the same t.v. network who will in turn make money from the easy and flexible target, the audience – e.g. “Who is having long hair? ARRahman or LSubramanian? - Send your vote thru sms”

Isn’t now, too late for our superzens to take any initiative? Even it is late still we can start to have large change. Why don’t we think and why don’t we implement… at least from when the superzens are becoming 60+ SENIOR SUPERZENS!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Subservient Citizens!

It was the D-day. It was the day for everybody in India to show their loyalty for their mother land, in a way. But what could have been the total percentage of citizens who fulfilled their responsibility?...And have done their duty?

When we chat, we used to make fun of our own fellow country mates – in terms of laziness, in terms of vengeance, in terms of illegal corruption…In terms of all…and what not? Aren’t we..?

A perception of this kind can easily be falsified if we look at our siblings’ reaction. I happened to visit 121 MG Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai where the Income tax office Tamil Nadu head office functions. It was 31st July and that was the last day to file the Income tax returns for our salaried citizens.

Really unbelievable! The special counters numbered more than thirty looked very meager for the highly anticipating crowd. More than thirty percent of the open space of the campus was filled with vehicles especially an approximate 500 motor cycles and nearly 100 cars. The rest covered with the shamiana which could not afford the floating crowd. With a long help desk distributing the acknowledgement and the ITR forms (new introductions from 2007-2008 assessment year) and periodical announcements of which counter is for whom and what is what. Wow really wonderful!

It was quite interesting and amazing that the 15+ long queues each with heads counted up to 70 on an average were there for all private salaried. The rest for government salaried. More interestingly most of the people waiting there from Software companies, as it sounded like, when the announcer kept on passing special information for them mentioning the counter numbers.

Another surprising monsoon rainy day in Chennai turned the soil at the aayakar bhavan ground into mud which was there in the citizens’ shoes and the vehicles’ tyres that left imprints not only on the road outside but also in the mother india’s heart as signature of good citizens.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We are not what we are!

People are not same., I can understand. I tease others, and even make fun of others. And the others too tease me either. They never made me feel anything bad about them at all.

But what if they always do something which hurts me so immensely. Some times they say for what they do, ‘If just one person changes himself, the whole world cannot be changed’ or some times they say, ‘What can I do am habituated!’
For me these words always sound as excuses and never as reasons, mostly alarming excuses when I think about future of all of us and more.
How? & Why?

I came across people spit on the road... Dumping ‘polythene carry bags’ in to the earth stopping the water to go in... There are always people who think whatever around them are waste bins no matter where they physically exist for that moment... violating laws, rules and regulations as if they are created to violate, torturing living beings rite from the big elephants to the very petite insects.Even human beings are not exceptional from their targets...

We may say ‘It is the fit to survive’ style. But what kind of style we need to contain?
Are we doing really what our environment can afford after a certain time?
Are we doing something to make the next generation – our children, understand the reality, how they can be good citizens or more than that - good human beings.
Don’t we have the responsibility to make them like?

Is it not the time to think or re-think about their future at least?

Imagine a world that has no natural resources!..
Wherever we look will be dried and only dried!!
As we all know what we destroy can never be easily created. When we look at outside us, we know that it’s the only wide huge wonder-filled beautiful world carrying us.
Let us start stopping these else it may become a mirage…, always!