Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Edifacilitators ?!!

It sounds really vivacious, the moment when somebody spells out teachers’ day even if not to everybody around the world but hope at least for the teachers. Being one such, I am really privileged to say at this moment that I am eligible to enjoy the term and its nature.

Thanks to India’s second princeps Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, today the country celebrates his birthday as teachers’ day. Good humane decision, in his perspective, that he fortunately wanted his disciples to celebrate his birthday as a sign of respect to the edifiers. Of course, the days vary from country to country but thanks to UNESCO, to declare a common day (05/10) for the people around the world to celebrate the same. Unfortunately this same big wonderful universe is in a position to witness people like Ms.Debara Lefave and Ms.Uma Khurana who make the profession really disgraceful.

At my workplace, the day’s morning gave us a pleasant surprise with a rose by our institute's head, followed by showers of wishes both from colleagues and the children and ended with the celebration organized by the children. I was part of the couple of hour long celebration, when the students wanted the teachers to participate in the events organized by them. Some instances; Hangman, Spoon & Lemon race etc. Winners were sweetly awarded with Cadbury products. Perhaps I was little lazy at the moment which made me to miss the delicious prizes. Undoubtedly, the students didn’t want to end up without their songs and dance performances.
I, hmm!., we really enjoyed.

On experiencing these, when I look back my life a bit, the time when I was making fun of our teachers, Mr. DCP to Mr. Qader to Mr. Khan I've never thought of swimming into this pool of facilitation. But it happened comfortably and the experience is feeding me with the pros and cons of this profession.

At this juncture, I remember an old saying
“Always you are a student, because each person you meet, teaches you something”