Saturday, October 20, 2007

Love, Live : Society

Long Time No Key.
I did, at first, want to have an excuse from myself, for this ‘no entry’ in the blog but have decided to key in rather than getting an excuse.
I am a regular reader of ‘O’ Pakkangal, ‘Arinthum Ariyamalum’ (both by Mr.Gnani -pron. ‘ngyani’) and ‘Konjam amutham konjam visham’ (by Jakki Vasudev) in the weekly magazine Ananda vikatan. A couple of weeks back, coincidentally, the articles talked about the rare natural system of human being with neither of sexes or may be both. We have terms like 'transgender' or ‘eunuch’ to refer, but the text showed, little more in to reality, from the time of conception in the womb - to birth - to growing up in the society. I came to know and realize more on the way the physical and mental development, understanding of self and the society, understanding by the society etc.,

I have seen many such people, in bazaars, trains etc., with a typical style of asking for money. Never had it moved deeply in my mind, neither terrified. But, believe it, I did have sympathy at times when people around me made fun on them or comparing someone look-alike with such people in some negative context. Even in many movies, for comedy track, the so-called ‘creators’ take these people, as a chance to project the 'creators creativity' in movies (eg., a popular tamil movie song ‘kodona kozhi koovura velae… raasathi rasan vaarandi pulla…)

What kind of feel do we have on them, when they are part of ourselves?
Why do we separately categorize them and secluding them from the big mass?
What would have made the big mass to have a move towards something where they are now?

I am absolutely helpless on finding answers for all above but I can understand the fact that the categorized are not to be like, but to be understood as ourselves, as what Mr.Gnani has written, that every person has both the sexes in him/her. As medically proved, the natural process need to worry about only deciding between XX or XY and to increase testosterone or progesterone, as Gnani writes, but sometimes when the worry is not sorted out before the stipulated period ends, the result will not have any one specific sex.

What I read is very fact which is clearly and comfortably forgotten by us or probably do not want to get exposed to such facts, instead, we do spend time in searching terms like ‘Ali’ or ‘Ombothu’ to make fun on them and continue doing so many possible things against them. Struggling in such a big society, very few people, positively achieved peaks in their life (for which the society let them to get so) like the Madhya Pradeshi MLA Shabnam Mausi.

The most hurting thing about the way they are treated, according to me, is making them to spend the life very unnaturally by having few of them in our society as SEX WORKERS. I expect ourselves, to recognize them – to treat them – to make them part of ourselves in each and every activity we have, in all legal, natural and possible ways.