Sunday, August 5, 2007

Subservient Citizens!

It was the D-day. It was the day for everybody in India to show their loyalty for their mother land, in a way. But what could have been the total percentage of citizens who fulfilled their responsibility?...And have done their duty?

When we chat, we used to make fun of our own fellow country mates – in terms of laziness, in terms of vengeance, in terms of illegal corruption…In terms of all…and what not? Aren’t we..?

A perception of this kind can easily be falsified if we look at our siblings’ reaction. I happened to visit 121 MG Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai where the Income tax office Tamil Nadu head office functions. It was 31st July and that was the last day to file the Income tax returns for our salaried citizens.

Really unbelievable! The special counters numbered more than thirty looked very meager for the highly anticipating crowd. More than thirty percent of the open space of the campus was filled with vehicles especially an approximate 500 motor cycles and nearly 100 cars. The rest covered with the shamiana which could not afford the floating crowd. With a long help desk distributing the acknowledgement and the ITR forms (new introductions from 2007-2008 assessment year) and periodical announcements of which counter is for whom and what is what. Wow really wonderful!

It was quite interesting and amazing that the 15+ long queues each with heads counted up to 70 on an average were there for all private salaried. The rest for government salaried. More interestingly most of the people waiting there from Software companies, as it sounded like, when the announcer kept on passing special information for them mentioning the counter numbers.

Another surprising monsoon rainy day in Chennai turned the soil at the aayakar bhavan ground into mud which was there in the citizens’ shoes and the vehicles’ tyres that left imprints not only on the road outside but also in the mother india’s heart as signature of good citizens.


JohnNRI said...

Seeing things like that restores our faith in humankind, doesnt it? Very good observation. There are good people and bad people in every place. The important thing is the trend. If a good trend is set up people will follow it.

Vennimalai N said...

Obviously John-nri.
But one thing what I personally believe is that, there are always people, but only the things with them are good and bad, may be here, the trend!