Wednesday, August 15, 2007

At 60

60? Let it be 20, 40, 54 or any number < 60, but what is the difference between say 5 and 50 or 10 and 60? Though my experiences not making me eligible to talk about this, but my citizenship steer me to think a little BIT about at least whatever I am aware.

Nuke deal issue, Goa controversy, Fight at MCD, Orissa dead infant bodies……..
Sania in finals, Saina in next round, India won test series, Indian heavyweight WWF champion…..

It is Aug 15 2007 and it is the 61st Independence Day and the country celebrates 60 years of Indian Independence. Whatever numeral has been read, it is the people who need to enjoy the independence! Of course no doubt on that!
But what do we people understand from this so called INDEPENDENCE?
Its really frustrating that every year, every day, every minute some or other media is popularizing this shameful and unconscious (?!) behaviours of our superzens (superb citizens!!) among the general public mass and still its yet to be considered, understood and implemented by the 1 billion plus superzens!
Doesn’t this sound pathetic?

Should one more Sepoy mutiny need to be started, to teach our own superzens?
Should one more Karamchand Gandhi need to be created to take a march for Dandi against our superzens’ behaviours?
Should more and more Sardar Patels, Subhash Chandra Boses, Bharathys and others need to be formed again to go for a complete freedom struggle?
Still answers need to Searched and Researched…?!!

On the other hand – “Patriotism - for sale”.
As we can see the number of TV Channels, Radio networks and newspapers what we have, with no doubt, are deep into the patriotic business. From Burman to Rahman, the business has streamlined into music as well.
End result? I do agree that people who look at the television channels and listen to songs are provoked and started loving (?!) the country. But what is the lifetime of that ‘love’ and how healthy it is. It is very obvious that making a group of popular musicians including legends like Hariprasad Chaurasia and SPBalasubramanian to play and sing the National anthem at different locations, plus shooting and editing the video and adding it on to a private t.v. network cost much and more! How will they get it back?-Sponsors for the same t.v. network who will in turn make money from the easy and flexible target, the audience – e.g. “Who is having long hair? ARRahman or LSubramanian? - Send your vote thru sms”

Isn’t now, too late for our superzens to take any initiative? Even it is late still we can start to have large change. Why don’t we think and why don’t we implement… at least from when the superzens are becoming 60+ SENIOR SUPERZENS!


JohnNRI said...

In my opinion patriotism, religious zeal, love for culture and such sentiments mean nothing for political leaders. They really dont have those things. They only use those things to advance their position... to gain votes. They act like they have those sentiments. We who havent witnessed what it was like to be "dependent" on the British wont fully understand how big "independence" is. But I really wonder what those freedom fighters who sacrificed so much to gain this independence, will feel if they are alive today and see the condition of our nation. Perhaps they will feel all their efforts were in vain?

Vennimalai N said...

I strongly agree with your perspective and I wish they re-incarnate with the same nature and mood!